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3 Local Business Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

by Robert Keith (follow)
I'm a passionate marketer, health expert & national level athlete with a burning desire to travel.
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When it comes to marketing your local business, the road to success is littered with those who went before you and have sadly failed. Perhaps they spent too much and didnít get results, or maybe they were too tight and didnít invest enough in effective marketing. Either way, if youíre going to market your local business and grow your revenues then itís essential that you take every caution necessary.

While it would take months to share with you every mistake Iíve seen over the year, by avoiding the 3 that youíll discover below youíre 90% of the way to your success already.

Mistake 1: Not being found in Google

Local Marketing

In Australia today over 80% of people turn to Google to find the product or service that they are looking to buy. And of those searches, over 50% of them will click on one of the three top organic listings.

The way that you get found in Google is by investing in help from an SEO Company.

These companies do what is called Ďsearch engine optimisationí, which helps optimise your website to rank better in Google. They do things like adjust certain elements of your code, build a web of authority from other websites and help Google to understand that you should be in the top 3.

Mistake 2: Not getting professional help

Local Marketing

It might seem easy to read a few blogs online and to believe that you are a pro. However after almost 10 years helping businesses grow, Iím still learning every single day. I look back to where I was 3-5 years ago and simply shake my head- but my clients still got great results.

The lesson here is that a professional who spends their life refining their marketing skills is invaluable to your business and success. Find yourself a well rounded marketing professional who truly understands your business and who you get along well with. This will be the foundation of a partnership which is the most essential business partnership you will ever form.

Mistake 3: Not seeing results from Marketing services

Local Marketing

Letís put it this way, if you were looking for an SEO agency in Brisbane, and you typed in ĎSEO Brisbaneí, who do you think understands SEO better: The guy ranked in the top 3, or the guy on page 7?

The answer is simple - The guy at the top. They have proven that they can beat all other SEOís in the area head on, and thatís the guy you want working for you.

But even then you still want to check their past client results and even speak to a few of them to see what they are like. Sure they might get results, but will they take you for a ride as well or be difficult to work with?

Just like any other decision in business, do you homework first and youíll have a very smooth time!


I hope youíve enjoyed these tips, and if youíre looking for professional help growing your eCommerce business then get in touch.

LINK: http://ecomversions.com/

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