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5 Effective Ways to Build a Strong Brand Identity

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Big brands are all the rage in the market. Their messages seem crystal clear, brand insignia globally recognizable and products an epitome of success and quality. A distinguishable brand allows businesses to conduct effective marketing, and fashion offerings that stand out from the thousands of similar products and services. It enables companies to foster customer loyalty at a massive scale and transmit marketing messages with a global reach. You could say that branding is what people say about your company when you are not around to witness it. In this article we reviewed some of the best practices when it comes to branding and shared some useful tips for your small business.


From the looks of it

The brand is one of the most valuable assets any company can employ. Its first aspect is the physique, or the façade people see when they go to your website, store or conference. This is the first impression you are going to make, so take your time when designing the logo, picking the colour scheme, and solutions for packing. The devil is in the detail, things like text’s font, shape of the product, colour psychology, etc. These visual elements are to be used strategically and extensively throughout your digital and real world persona, but try not to overwhelm the consumer with aggressive looks.

Share and caring

The process of crafting a brand must authentically represent the business and its core values. This is a shared effort: The customers and employees have an active role in molding the identity of a company, which is also true for anyone who interacts with it. A good old SWOT analysis is great because you can involve all those people, and give them a say in what your company is. Of course, after seeing this through, it will be much clearer what your strength and weaknesses are, and where opportunities and threats lie. Round the analysis up with a vision statement, a declaration of what you want the company to become in the future.


A Cultural Revolution

Beyond that, a brand must form an intimate relationship with the business organization in the form of the company culture. Today, a bulk of major brands leans towards equality, socializing and sharing as the pinnacle of the cultural identity. But, try to offer something that your competition cannot. Write an articulate, straightforward mission statement and let it act as a motivational factor for employees and customers. Identify the real needs you aspire to satisfy on the market and reasons why customers should not turn to your competition. At this point, there must not be doubt about the offerings that work towards these aims.

Spreading awareness

Furthermore, how you communicate your messages and convey meaning is of the utmost importance. The key is in connecting with the audience on an emotional level. A product is more than a sum of its parts, and you want to sell a desirable lifestyle, promote a value, evoke feelings, and make a lasting promise. It is all about the consumer experience your products and services provide. This is where your personality and character need to fully shine. From celebrity endorsements to the value propositions and writing style, there are many things that contribute to the successful communication strategy.


Finally, notice that the cornerstone of establishing a strong online presence is the domain name. The goal is to choose the one that has a commercial potential and is a good portrayal of what you do. Although such a name is probably already taken, you can engage in some domain name hacking. The trick is to use the domain extension as a part of the word or phrase. Some great examples include: love.ly, domain.me, soci.al, famo.us, e.co, etc. After that, get into the keyword research and create foundations for a stellar SEO campaign. There is no better way to increase the brand visibility in the digital world, and move up in Google rankings.

A big business family

Building a brand block by block is a long and exacting undertaking. To do it right, get active both on digital avenues and “real world” fronts, and pay close attention to the way you communicate with the world. Take a holistic view of your brand and spread the word out using multiple channels. Define your goals, develop an inviting personality, show emotions and make an effort to engage the target audience. Ultimately, brand building is the endeavor of self-discovery, where everyone related to your business should be invited to contribute.

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