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5 Latin Phrases to Kick start Your Day

by h.mon (follow)
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We all know that reading makes us smarter, more creative, gives us more sex appeal, more peaceful and mindful and also richer. Does that mean we have to read whatever cruises in front of our eyes? definitely not.

The ancient Greek and Romans thinkers and philosophers have always been source of enlightenment and wisdom through out their time and beyond. I want to share with you few saying, which not only are rich in wisdom, but may be life changing as well.

Read them everyday, and don't forget to apply them.

"Homo Faber fortunae suae: Men makes his own fortune". Appio Claudio Cieco

This first saying lays at the essence of personal growth. There are not gurus of wizards that can craft your destiny and life. Its your responsibility. Only when you take full control of such responsibility your life will start to change and take your desired destination. In other words, stop mourning and start going towards what you aim and desire.

"Gutta cavat lapidem: A drop can destruct a rock" Lucrezio,

On a daily basis we come across people saying, "i try and try but i can't seem to". It's all about the state of mind you employ. Winners concentrate on progress while losers just focus on results. There is no linear relationship between the hard work you punt in things and the result you hope to obtain. This doesn't mean that such relation doesn't exist. Flowers do not germinated in a day, neither are children born in few weeks.

The same principle happens with your plans and all the wonderful things you aim. You need to be that little drop, which, without anxiety, rush, digs a hole in a rock. There will be moment you won't see anything happening, that could take days, week, months and even years, but you will have to keep digging and forging your stone, when suddenly that stone will break into pieces and finally give you what you so much deserve.

Flectar ne frangar: I will break, but i do not bend' Agostino

Failing is painful, frustrating but inevitable for those having ambitious goals and plans. You can choose to be broken by the weight of your failures or choose the way towards resilience and start learning and getting back on the horse of life.

Non exiguum temporis habemus, sed multum perditus: We do not lack time, however we find time to waste; a lot of it.

We need to hold ourself 100% accountable for our personal development, you can choose to be that drop that digs a hole in a rock or a twig that bends and does not break.

Most of the time we lament the fact that we lack time or do not have enough of it to cultivate our passions. If we critically look at the mirror we all know that is a lot of crab. Probably the biggest bullshit we tell ourself on a daily base. the truth is that we willingly spend or i should say waste too much time in doing thing that won't bring us any return on the invested time.

The next time you won't have time to do what really matters, or to do what you were supposed to do, think about how much time you wasted that day. If you don't feel like a turkey by then, i will be delighted to make you my chicken wings.

Aurora aurum in ore habet: The early bird catches the worm

Every morning, 24 fresh hours are being baked like fresh bread, and delivered in our front door. Fresh, unused, and with magic thing about it is that you cannot waste it in advance. You always have the next second, minute and hour ahead of you to make things happen, to change and become better, become who you want to be and do what you want to do. Why not do that? if you don't succeed, 90% of the time is your fault. Get up, and start digging.

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