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5 Things Every Company Should Keep in their Cellar

by danie (follow)
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There are businesses, and then there are businesses. What separates the unsuccessful ones from the successful ones is the fact that latter groups keeps an eye on everything, no matter how the issues may seem small or insignificant. It may sound like stretching, but even if you have good product, great marketing campaign, and fail-proof long-term plan, the small, everyday stuff are the ones affecting the moral, performance, and overall productivity. Nevertheless, let us see what are those things that are usually not the part of the bigger picture, but every successful company should keep in their basement.

Office Supplies

Keep in mind that office supplies are like the oxygen supplying the lungs of your company. It may seem that you have enough of it, but if you have to step up the pace, you will soon realize that you are breathing increasingly heavy, and slowly pass out. Do not let your employees’ productivity pass out because you cut off this valuable asset from them. Stockpile the sufficient supplies of paper, printer cartridges, folders, paperclips, and any other thing your employees are using on a daily basis or may use in the future. Spare one part of the basement for them and keep them well-organized and accessible.

Old Documents

It goes without a saying that keeping the physical copies of all the contracts, bills, and other important documents in its premises is something every business should most absolutely do, but keeping them in the offices may not be the best idea ever. Old documents will just induce clutter, and reduce the productivity of your employees. Instead, create a small archive in the basement, and move everything you are not currently using there. You can give a modern twist on this idea by making the shared catalog in the Cloud environment, so you can always know the current state and the location of each document.


Fun Stuff

Did you know that happy workers are up to 10% more productive than those who are simply going through the motions? Do your best to keep them that way. Although the office performance should not be compromised with various distractions, you can separate a part of your basement for darts, football, pinball machines, treadmill, cross-trainers, or any other thing that will make your employees’ spare time even more enjoyable. Keep in mind that reward is the most efficient when it’s immediate, so you can keep a couple of bottles of Champagne there and celebrate important milestones on the go.

Safety Equipment and Garden Maintenance Tools

Faulty electrical equipment is the most common cause of fire, and since businesses feature larger quantities of such equipment than regular households, their safety equipment should be equally as numerous. Spread fire extinguishers for the case of an emergency all over facility and keep several spare ones in the basement. Because fire produces a lot of smoke, you should, just in case, pair them with gas mask and oxygen bottles. Also, find a place for all the medical equipment, and first-aid kits you will need in this worst-case scenario. In addition, you should own appropriate tools for company's garden maintenance such as lawn mower, gardening shears, strong backpack sprayers and other gardening tools required. Keep all these things locked in separated section in your cellar.

As we can see all the moves we mentioned above are neither too remarkable nor expensive, but they can make your employees’ work day much easier and even save their lives. Do your best then to apply them and make the most of the spacious basement your company already has.

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