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5 Ways to Improve Your Employees’ Productivity

by GabbyDI (follow)
Gabriella Diesendorf is blogger from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques
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It is known that longer work hours, poor communication, and stress can decrease one’s productivity. Australians do not have a problem with their working hours which are set at a maximum of 38 hours per week, according to the National employment standards. But, what should you, as a business owner or manager, do to increase productivity in an unproductive employee? Well, you should act straight away, try to affect their attitude, and motivate them. Here are 5 ways of motivating your employees to become productive members of your work team.

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1. Perform Regular Checks On Progress And Goals

You should establish a measurement system, but first you need to have a good look at your company’s state, and set expectations and rules according to it. After the first employee work evaluation, set guidelines within the company as a whole or for each department separately. Then perform regular check-ins about their progress, and make a plan for counselling those employees than are failing to increase their productivity. There can be many reasons for that: spending too much time on the internet and social networking, due to distractions in the office, or a bad work relationship with any of the supervisors. Identify the cause of your employees’ unproductiveness, and work to help them reach their full potentials. There are certain tools than can help you track their performance, or give them an opportunity to track it themselves.

2. Internet Use – Do Not Over-Restrict It

Purposeless roaming on the internet take one’s mind off work and decreases productivity. However, the other (and fairly legitimate) side of the story is that the internet is an enormous, inexhaustible source of information and various resources. It enables your employees to perform their tasks more efficiently, and how they are going to use the Internet is something that you cannot always know or anticipate. Social media are important in the field of business marketing, and it does not mean that it will kill your employees’ productivity, for people knew how to be unproductive long before social media platforms. Some surveys actually show that social media increases productivity, with workers using it for a better online collaboration.

3. Better Communication Flow

It is your best business asset yet, essential for your business success. By improving communication flow between employees, as well as between employees and the management, the processes within a company will be done more quickly and effectively and with less stress. Examine your company’s communication flow, and see whether you are using all the available modern communication tools – cloud storages, project management tools, customer relationship management software, and conferencing platforms. Training your employees to use these tools can be challenging, but ultimately brings better results in the increase of productivity.

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4. Support Them

Everything does not revolve around money alone. When workers are valued, and their ideas and contributions are acknowledged, it raises their motivation and productivity level. Make their jobs more flexible by allowing them to work from home, which will serve as a sign of trust. Know their background, give them enough resources for a successful task fulfillment, or give them a personalized visa gift card. Small signs of appreciation will show them that you are a human also, and it will great for their morale and retention.

5. Brain Breaks

Everybody needs a break from time to time. Professor John P. Trougakos from the University of Toronto Scarborough and the Rotman School of Management, says that “employees generally need to detach from their work and their work space to recharge their internal resources”. Managers need to acknowledge that, and allow their employees enough leeway to deal with their personal business while working.

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