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8 Careers that Will Be Here Tomorrow and Beyond

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source: protech.com.al
source: source: protech.com.al

Millions of jobs have been replaced by computers, entire careers made obsolete through advancements in technology. Which ones will be next, and which careers are future proof? That’s an important consideration for young people getting started in the work world and for adults acquiring new, in-demand skills in the middle of their careers.

As you’re working to shape a successful future, here are eight careers that experts expect to offer growing, good-paying opportunities over the next several decades.

Cloud-Centric Careers

CompTIA, the trade group representing the IT industry, recently announced that more than 90 percent of US companies rely on the cloud for some or all of their computing needs. It’s trending upward around the world, and that is opening hundreds of thousands of jobs per year for cloud capacity managers, security experts and programmers.

Data System Architect and Manager

These positions are being filled by those with skills in designing structures to support the growing use of Big Data by medium and large companies. That data is driving decisions involving innovation, design, production and marketing, so an important part of the job will be assisting in the data recovery from servers and networks when problems arise as well as permanent data removal for sensitive information.

Hardware and Software Experts in the Wearable Devices Industry

Wearable devices are being designed for many exciting purposes. For example, they’re used:
To train employees by walking them through tasks
In retail settings to add convenience and speed to the sales process
In a wide range of applications to improve the accuracy of data collected

Medical Equipment Designers

Gaining skills in almost any sector of healthcare continues to yield good results, and techies are cashing in. The development of machines to diagnose and treat illness and to assist medical professionals in their work is a growing industry. From developing AI based diagnosis algorithms to designing and maintaining medical equipment, there are thousands of jobs available going unfilled in this industry.

Energy Resources Engineer

Seeking ways to reduce energy use amidst growing demand worldwide has spurred incredible growth in this industry in the last decade. Energy resources engineering and similar job descriptions are hot degree programs at top US schools like the University of Michigan, Stanford and Penn State. Bachelor and Masters degrees leading to intriguing, high-paying careers are getting the attention of students.

Battery Engineer

Creating better energy storage systems is a large part of the push toward renewable energy from wind and sun. The industry is looking for people with skills in mechanical and electrical engineering, chemistry and/or materials science. In short, according to Ann Marie Sastry from the Energy Systems Engineering Department at the University of Michigan, “It’s a great time to be a battery guy.”

Video Game Engineer

In 2014, Amazon paid $970 million to acquire Twitch, a site for video game spectators. That deal woke up the rest of the world to something millions already knew – video gaming is growing at a tremendous rate, and the trend shows no signs of abating. Computer engineers, graphics designers and software specialists are finding their dream jobs in this industry.

API Specialists

Application program interfaces, or APIs, have been developed by software engineers for decades, but their use is growing. APIs are software applications that control how software components integrate and interact with web-based applications. In laymen’s terms, APIs take the enormous amount of non-sensitive data held by various organizations and make it accessible to all for beneficial purposes. For example, the World Bank open data initiative makes a range of climate data available to those seeking to increase agricultural yields around the world and reduce hunger and poverty.


Future-proof careers are those that require skills that are growing in demand. These eight professions, and hundreds directly related to them, are smart choices for guaranteeing exciting jobs with personal and material rewards.

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