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A Good Business Relocation Plan Makes Sense And Dollars

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Business Relocation

Relocating a business can be a Herculean task. One that requires careful planning if it is to go smoothly. Depending on the size of the business, not only does the owner have to concern themselves with making plans to move office furniture and business machines, they must also located car carriers to move the company vehicles. There are some simple steps business owners can take to make their move faster and more efficient.

Business Relocation

Develop A Relocation Plan

Assess the risks and benefits of relocation. On the plus side your staff may have a better working environment, may be closer to suppliers and skilled workers, and gain access to new customers. On the other hand there may be a disruption in work flow, the potential loss of key employees who don't want to relocate, and potential problems delivering goods and services during the move. There are also business relocation expenses. If the benefits outweigh the risks and expenses, relocation makes sense.

Business Relocation

The True Cost

Create a detailed expense plan. Consider the cost of renting, leasing, or buying a new space. Look at estimates for moving your equipment, furniture, and files. Include car carrying. Calculate the cost to repair, and prepare the new location and the cost in lost business. Include the cost of property agents and any other professionals you may have to hire. This will give you the true cost of relocation

Business Relocation

A Better Location

List reasons why the new location is better. Consider the proximity to new markets, overhead, and convenience. Create a list of good locations using the internet or through a property agent. Contact organizations and governmental agencies with which you'll now be able to do business. Find out what resources, financial and otherwise, are available. If the income is more than the cost it may be worth it to relocate.

Business Relocation

The Nuts And Bolts Of Moving

Pick someone to manage the move. Do it yourself if you are the only one with the necessary skills and knowledge. Create checklists of all that has to be done. Break in into small lists and assign specific people to specific tasks. Establish a time frame to complete packing. Create a plan to keep the company running during the moving process so you can keep your customers happy.

Business Relocation

A Transition Plan

There are a number of important steps which should be taken to make the transition to the new location easier. Employees who need to relocate to remain with the company should be offered resources to make the move easier including help locating homes. Customers should be made aware of the relocation date and any changes in shipping schedule the move is likely to cause. Explain how the move will ultimately benefit them. Provide customers and suppliers with the new address and telephone number. Make arrangement for extra customer support during the transition period.

People consider relocating a business for many different reasons. However, the process can be time-consuming and disruptive. Without a good relocation plan, the company, employees, and customers could suffer. With proper planning relocation can expand a company's customer base, increase their profits, and improve the quality of their goods and services.

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