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Business Dining Etiquette: The Essentials

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Getting a job is a special moment in everybody's life. When you have been hired by a company to become their new worker, it is very likely that they will invite you for dinner soon, to introduce you to your new colleagues. It is important to know some basics about the business dining etiquette in such formal situations. Behaving in a proper way at the dinner table can influence the start of your career in a company, so here are a few tips that can improve your dining etiquette.

Upon Arrival
First and foremost, it is extremely important not to be late for business dinner, especially if it is the first one with your new company. So, now that you have arrived at the dinner venue on time, shake hands with the dinner host, as well as with everyone who is there, already sitting at their places and take your seat. Introduce yourself to anyone who you do not know and try to remember as many names as possible.

If there are too many people/colleagues sitting at the table to remember all the names, listen carefully to the way they are addressing one another and pick up their names. If the host orders an appetizer, feel free to do the same; otherwise, do not go there, because you might seem like a wino.

The Order of Ordering
When you have spent some time chitchatting with your new colleagues, it is time to order the food. Exposed to new people, who are going to become your business associates, you should try to stick to middle-of-the-road choices all the time.

Instead of asking the waiter to explain you the menu to tiny details, go for an ordinary meal, such as chicken with vegetables or pasta with sauce. People who want to make a positive impression by ordering extravagant food put themselves at risk of being embarrassed if they eat it in an inappropriate way.

The Thick of It
If you have ordered meat, never cut the whole piece in small chunks, but cut bit by bit and eat slowly. Cutting up the whole piece of meat will make your plate look messy.

Also, do not put the whole slice of bread or a bread roll on your plate, but break off piece by piece and leave each new piece on the side of your plate. Furthermore, eating sauce at formal dinners should never include dipping your bread into the sauce dish, but take a new spoon and put the desired amount of sauce on your plate.

The Meal Aftermath
Once you have eaten your meal, put the knife, the fork and the spoon on your table, with their tops in the right-ward direction, showing approximately 4 o'clock. It will be a clear sign to the waiter that you have finished with your meal.

When people have eaten their meals, it is usually time for a more relaxed conversation. You can show your knowledge of modern technologies or cars, but avoid controversial topics, such religion and politics.

And if you are knowledgeable of wines or foreign cuisines, these topics are great for a small talk in the aftermath of a business dinner. Moreover, now you can have a glass or two of wine or beer to crown the delicious dinner, advise the people who own and operate The Bottle-O, as doing so you will show certain manners of eating and drinking.

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