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Computing Electronic Devices - The Indisputable Cornerstone of Modern Business

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Computers radically changed the world we live in; they changed the way we learn, communicate and work. The business world benefited a great deal from great possibilities modern technology offers, to the point that we can say that computers became the cornerstones of modern business. To illustrate our point we describe how technology changed several fields and aspects of business.

Computer, Communication
image source: blazefund.com

Communications & media

Perhaps the biggest impact computers had on our everyday lives was in the way we communicate; the potential to communicate with a friend, a colleague or a client on the other side of the world in real time paved the way to globalization, a socioeconomic term describing the way the entire world has been put together by these accomplishments. The business world was radically changed as this technology enabled 24-7 stock exchange and around-the-globe commodity training. We can receive news just a few moments after the actual event happened, not to mention we can create news ourselves as we have capabilities to write and upload video and audio – every voice can be heard.

Database technology & management

Dealing with numbers became a lot easier with computers; creating financial reports, calculating payrolls or maintaining databases electronically saved hours and hours of work. The pre-IT era of business was burdened with tons of paper; analysis which can now be done in a matter of seconds lasted weeks or even months. This obviously increased overall efficiency and enabled streamlining as now users can easily integrate text, images and tables in a single file.


Modern electronic devices came to factories in 1961 and changed the way they work forever: that year General Motors introduced Unimate, a two tone robotic arm connected to a gigantic steel drum, known for their versatility and usefulness.

Unimate; image source: spectrum.ieee.org

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to enumerate all ways in which computers changed the process of manufacturing, from gigantic machines like Unimate to microcontrollers such as different variations of Arduino boards, but they have all been introduced because of the same reasons. They can perform tasks with amazing precision and speed, or replace humans in dangerous or tedious jobs, increasing productivity to unprecedented levels.


New treatments and medicines which saved the lives of millions are products of technological advancements of the digital era: they enabled practices which directly help diagnosing and healing, as well as research. From fast lab test results to artificial limbs, medical technology continues to leap forward.

image source: insights.dice.com/

Reducing costs

Companies also liked how machines such as Unimate don’t get tired and don’t late to work – and it costs less to maintain them than pay for manpower. Unfortunately, radical changes in the business world caused by technology forced many people to switch occupations, but costs were significantly reduced: not just in manufacturing, but in virtually all other fields as computers enabled finding cost-effective solutions and were often included in supporting activities, allowing people to focus their efforts to tasks which required critical thinking or improvisation.

It is very likely that computers will continue to reshape the business world; their potentials are huge and more amazing with each passing year, so there’s really no reliable way of predicting their involvement, but it’s a pretty safe bet they’ll enable mankind to achieve extraordinary things.

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