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Energise Your Business

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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So you have been running your business for a while, it is doing okay, but not as well as you would like it to be doing. You are feeling run down and worn out by the daily grind where each step forward seems to followed by a step backwards.

Energising your business
Energise your business

If you want to change your fortune you can't just wish and hope for it, you have to make it happen. Here a number of suggestions which I have used successfully.

Have a strategy day

Many successful businesses have a strategy day or even weekend. Bring as many people as you can together. If possible even involve suppliers and some of your customers. Brain storm, strategise, prioritise and listen more than talk.

Energising your business
Have a strategy day

On mistake made with strategy days is that often they collect all ideas. While that is useful I also try and organise and focus the strategy with the group so you have a list of recommendations.

Challenge yourself and your business

Set yourself a challenge that can be measured objectively. Maybe it is the number of sales phone calls made, maybe it is a new product released by a certain date or it could be level of customer satisfaction achieved. While many of these challenges might seem arbitrary they give you something to aim for.

Go Positive

One of the sayings I love is to "Celebrate every success". Sure you want to win that million dollar contract but on the journey to that win you need to win contracts that might start in the hundreds of dollars and move your way up.

Energising your business
Be Positive

When a business stalls or is in trouble the worst thing is to forget to celebrate successes. I saw this very clearly in one business where there was a dry spell in sales. We won a great contract and I wanted to have a celebration however the manager refused. So much effort had been focused on that one win that when it was treated negatively the sales team just lost all motivation and the in fighting started.

Get rid of dead wood, including yourself

One thing that sucks the energy out of a business are people whose first answer to every idea is "No". Nothing can change or improve because they reject ideas without examination. Often that negative is the business owner.

If ideas are dying in your business then move things around so that more ideas can happen. Maybe it is firing a middle manager or delegating more decision making away from yourself if you are the problem.


Maybe the problem isn't the staff but your business itself. Refocus your business. Get rid of products or services that are not successful and put the effort into those areas of business that are.

When you do this you will find that there is less work to do and it is easier to describe your business and the benefits our business. This helps customers find you more easily and decide to do business with you.

High energy activities or work hard play hard

High Energy Activities

If you spend your weekend lying in bed you will probably want to spend Monday doing the same even if you make it into the office. Do something positive, rewarding and high in energy with your weekends and you will have more, not less, energy when you return to work.

Energise now

Successful businesses are full of energy. Staff turn up early, stay late, work to be more efficient and go the extra step with customers. Having been involved with both energetic and dying businesses, energetic businesses are a pleasure to be involved with. Dying businesses make you want to be dead yourself.

Why are you not trying to add more energy into your life and business?

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