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Five Steps to Success on Social Media

by Maia (follow)
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short and to the point

It’s my personal goal to better any businesses social media presence, I’d like to share with you 5 basic steps to get your social media presence up to basic standard;

1. Cover many platforms

Don’t restrict yourself to just one form of social media, expand your followers and platforms. Utilise Instagram, Facebook and Twitter #hashtags and engage with more people. The majority of social media sites are capable of cross posting to save time and ensure the message is making it to everyone. If the workplace is swamped during the day then schedule your Businesses social media time in (at minimum) twice weekly or if need be follow it up after work.

Hand and text for header

2. Use clear, high quality and relevant images

Use pictures and logos every chance you get. Go for vibrant, visually pleasing images and always ensure they’re clear photographs! If you wouldn’t turn up to work looking your worst then don’t use photographs or logo’s that are small or low quality. This will (for some people) be the first image that a possible customer will come across, so avoid a bad impression and ditch the pixelated pictures and logos. Take some time to get good quality event, facility and staff photos. Remember the future customer does not know how great you are, until you show them how great you are.

Hand and text for header

Hand and text for header

3. Keep it short and to the point

You’re not writing a news column or blog, it’s social media. The majority of people viewing the posts are scrolling through news feeds and don’t want to hit a wall of text. On Twitter, Facebook and Google go for one image per post (unless it’s a photo album). If you have interesting information post a link, don’t flood your followers feeds, they’ll just unsubscribe. Utilise the events section, cross your applications over to save time and text. Remember; - Twitter is 140 characters or less, that’s all you need!


4. Communicate with your followers

I can’t stress this enough! People are generally decent (it’s easy to remove abuse) and if you show them you’re not a robot, instead a passionate business or employee then you’re bound to earn respect. Have fun, if you can’t do it yourself delegate a passionate employee who’s good with people and let them step up to the role.

Don’t Just post information, show them that there’s a person on the other side. Once your followers (or likes) have exceeded at least 200 people than you’re sure to get a response. Some of the most successful businesses and pages on social media interact on a daily basis. “Caption this picture”, “Can you tell us what local landmark this is?” take local photo’s support, share and communicate with other businesses near by and you’re sure to pick up interest.

short and to the point

5. Don’t neglect engaged people

Don’t take long breaks, ensure that the Business is posting and interacting at least once a week. Once your business has gained social media traction ensure contact does not fall by the waist side! Cover your events, share your success and thank people for following you. Remember once you’ve started sharing events, Photographs and information, theres no excuse to miss anything from that point forward. There’s nothing more disappointing then hearing you’ve missed out on an event, special or interesting news.

short and to the point

Foot note:

-To get the best out of your social media presence delegate your Social media role to at least one individual who can carry out the management and maintenance of your applications. Ensure that the information is there for them and be clear about what message you want to give to your followers. What do you want to say¨We’re family friendly and local¨? ¨Our business is modern and sleek¨ or ¨Traditional and back on the rise¨? know what sort of tone staff should have with engaged followers and you’ll be safe.

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