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Follow Your Passion into Business

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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There are lots of reasons to start a business. Maybe you have cleverly found a gap in the market, able to take advantage of a new technology or build better processes to deliver a product or service.

Do you have passion? (Attribution: Pixabay - Nemo)

However these are not enough. You need something more. You need passion. If you are planning to start a business, chances are that you will spend 80 hours a week working on it. You will think about it during your down time and talk about it until your friends start throwing blunt objects at you to shut you up. You will need to do this just as you will need to wake up in the morning with the desire to work on your business.

Why do we need passion?

When you start a business you have to live, breath, eat and sleep it, you have to care about it at all times. You need to have a passion about what you are doing.

When you go to talk to investors and suppliers your passion will show through. You can easily lie about profits and ability, but never about passion.

If you talk to customers and show that you care about what you are doing they take notice. You are not just doing this for money but actually care.

How to uncover your passion?

Here is a simple question. What would you spend your own time and money on with no prospects of any sort of financial return? That is your passion.

Passionate software developers spend their weekends writing code or playing around with new technology, passionate artists and graphic designs read design and art magazines every week and passionate social media experts have fun on social media outside of commercial promotion.

So are you just keen about something or do you have a true passion? I have spent many longs hours at work without having any desire to do anything related to that work outside of work time. I work passionately, but the work isn't always my passion. Yet there are many things that I am passionate about. What are you passionate about?

Is passion enough?

Obviously passion is not enough. You have to have a keen sense of business and do a lot things as business owner or manager that you probably are not passionate about. You have to find a passion that will pay off financially.

Don't forget to also follow the money (Attribution: Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures)

Just passion means you will spend all your time working on something without making any money at all. So marry your business heart and passion with your business head and money making ability to be successful in business.

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