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Give More In Value Than You Earn.

by Fiona J Lindsay (follow)
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This may sound crazy to some people but allow me to explain.

We now live in an age of information. People can get answers to things in a matter of seconds as opposed to hours and even days years ago. We no longer have to travel to the Library and look up in an Encyclopaedia what we need to know. We just Google it on our hand held device now. And people expect to find solutions to their problems for free and fast. Finding solutions to people’s problems is what makes the world go around. People will only part with their hard earned cash if you can solve an immediate problem or frustration they have. The bigger the problem, the more they will pay.

Word value highlighted

Consider your own habits. When something is niggling at you, you turn to Google. "Yes, I want to know how to" (fill in the blank). Immediately Google shoots up several millions responses to your question. You scroll through page 1 (I mean who really goes to page 2, 3 and beyond). Then you quickly assess which search best answers your burning question. So you click on the link that takes you to a page. You immerse yourself in the answer and then all of a sudden – bing – a pop up window appears on your screen telling you that in order to find out the full answer you have to enter in your name, email and phone number. Now are you the sort of person that just nods and agrees and enters your information because you just gotta have that thing? Do you murmer and complain reasoning that you shouldn’t have to give your contact details to a site you don’t know who has questionable security measures and you don’t want to end up on yet another mailing list sending you endless stuff you know you will never read? Or are you one of those people who enters your information just to get the answer, only to cancel your subscription to the site just after you get the answer?

No question about it – we live in an information age. We all hunger and thirst for more and more and more information that can make our lives better. But in giving that information, do you also fall into the same categories as above? Do you just give and give and give information that really should be turned into a paying program? Are you the sort of person that holds onto everything and the only free stuff you give away is stuff that everyone else already knows or can simply and easily get somewhere else? Or do you give away a little bit, enticing people to enter their contact details knowing you will lose them soon after? It’s a complex business this giving away of information but allow me to explain the importance of it.

There’s this little thing called “Santa Value”. I will be honest, it’s not one of my favourite expressions (just like “gamechanger” – yuck), however it explains a point very concisely. It means giving so much away that people are literally excited and cannot wait to get it. And this is where you need to play the game from. This doesn’t just apply to blogging, podcasting, social media posting and the like either. It equally applies to freebies you give away on your splash page. It needs to be something extremely valuable that will keep people coming back for more, will prompt them to follow you on social media, read you blog posts and listen to your podcasts and periscopes. Essentially, what do you want to be known for – the stinge who gives next to nothing and charges a fortune or the person who just gives and gives and gives. When you give, you become a respected, trusted, thought leader in your niche. You become known as the person who is so committed to your mission that money is just a bonus and not the sole focus.

So whatever your niche is, make sure you are giving away tonnes of value. People are learning to trust you in that process and when that occurs, a flood of clients is inevitably going to follow. Hope this has helped. Leave me your comments on your experiences with this – I’d love to hear from you.

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