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How To Choose The Right Ecommerce Team

by Robert Keith (follow)
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As eCommerce continues to grow and expand at the speed of light, its never been more important to choose the right team to help you with your success.

However whenever I speak to business owners, many are confused about who they need on their team to grow their online presence. So to help you out, here is who we consider essentials:

Graphic & Website Designer

In 2015 its essential that you’re website looks great, so skimping on design is the last thing you should do.

We recommend that you have both a graphic and a website designer on your team. Whats the difference you ask?

Basically, a website designer designs websites. They understand what it takes to build a website and how to make it work on the back end, so they work within those guidelines to make it happen.

A Graphic designer on the other hand is used when you need to get banners, logos, flyers and promotional graphics designed.

The 2 designers work hand in hand and deliver you a fantastic looking site in every aspect.

Specialist eCommerce Developer

Before I get into the specific types of ecommerce developers there are, I need you to understand something...Every platform is VERY different. If you need help choosing the right eCommerce platform click here.choosing the right eCommerce platform click here.

That means that just because a developer is good with Wordpress, it doesn’t mean they’ll be any good at Magento development.

Here are the 3 main types of developers you should consider:

1-Magento Developer - As the name portrays, if you’re site is built on Magento (Like 28% of the top sites on the web) then hire you’re self a specialist magento developer. They not only understand the platform but are excellent at .PHP.

2- .NET Developer - If you’ve got a custom set up, then chances are its written in .NET by a microsoft trained developer. This is a completely different system to Magento, so make sure your developer is a specialist.

3- WordPress Developer - Many think that Wordpress is a simple platform, but think again. If you want to use WooCommerce and have it look any good, then find yourself a specialist in the platform.

Technical SEO

If anyone tells you SEO is dead, then please ignore them.

Yes its true that you can’t spam your way into the top 5 any more, but technical and on-site SEO is more important than ever.

Find youself a technical SEO who also has some HTML skills to save yourself A LOT of hassles.

Marketing Consultant

At the end of the day there is a million things to learn when marketing your business, so I recommend skipping the learning curve and hiring a marketing consultant to prepare you a customized game plan. Some consultants will even implement the work for you, saving you even more time.

High quality hosting company

Nothing destroys your business quicker than bad hosting. Spend the money and invest in a quality hosting company. Trust me, its worth it.

So there is its. There is only 5 people you need on your team, and if you choose them wisely you’ll never need to stress about your sales or chances of success again.

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