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Make it Happen

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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One of the saddest things in business is to see an owner or manager who is constantly complaining about how they can't get anything done. Especially when they are complaining that they can't persuade their staff to do what they need done.

Attribution: Pixabay - diego_monserrat

So how do you get things done if you are managing staff or running a business?

Whatever you do, don't bully

Bulling and dictating usually works for the short-term. If you need something done now, standing around and shouting at people will make it happen. For anything long-term, the moment you stop shouting people stop working.

If you have to bully and push you will be putting way too much effort into trying to achieve anything. If you only technique for getting things done is to bully, then you definitely need to read the rest of this article.

Note: I have met many people who insist the only way to achieve anything is shouting, pushing and bullying. Yet time and again I have gone in and done better with the same people without needing to act in that way.

Listen and treat people with respect

When you want to lead a team to achieve goals you need to listen to that team. The smartest person in the room is not the one trying to be smarter than everyone else, but the person who can listen and incorporate the good ideas from everyone around them.

Attribution: Pixabay - argh

When you want to achieve something you want to listen to the people around you. Managers that order usually achieve less than managers who respect people to make their own decisions.

Set goals

The first step in achieving anything is to define a goal. Trying using S.M.A.R.T. goals to set ones that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely.

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Without goals you will just be hoping that someone does something that you might like. In fact often managers without goals managers can only inflexibly measure work against the work systems rather than what the work systems achieve.

Allocate resources

If you want staff to do work you need to make sure that they have the resources to do the work. I have personally had to write computer software without a computer, I have seen people being asked to do graphic design on old computers with a small screen and not enough memory. Other times people don't even get a desk.

The most important resource in most work today is information. It has been found that most staff doing unpaid overtime are mostly sitting around waiting for information from their manager.

You don't have to hand over resources with the goal, but you do need to check to make sure people are getting the resources that they need.

Reward both success and attempts to achieve

Some organisations reward you for achieving and some punish you for failing. Guess which ones achieve more?

Attribution: Pixabay - geralt

But it is more than that. Punishment and negatively orientated organisations will kill goals because they will target any behavior. I seen tantrums from people after staff have done the exact task that was assigned to them. Another common problem is being punished for stepping out of line, which makes achieving most goals difficult. It can be better to turn up and sit your desk all day and make no trouble that actually try to achieve anything.

In addition, don't just reward the final outcome, also reserve praise for people who are trying. This can be especially true in the sales, where you need to encourage people to keep on working at the goal as the sale could take place months or even years from the initial contact.

Have an achiever mindset

People who achieve the most usually have a mindset that balances between pushing to achieve something and being flexible and open. I have met people who are one or the other, and usually they don't achieve.

Attribution: Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures

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This article brings me back to that days of my study, but even though years have passed it still holds true. Many people ask about how to start the process and my first response is always "Good Communication". If you let your employees know what the priorities are, then they can follow your lead. Once you are all facing the same direction the rest can follow.
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