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Negotiation Tips for a Stress Free Work Environment

by marya (follow)
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When we’re at work, we stress about our home life. When we’re finally at home after a long day at work, we start to stress about our work life. This never-ending cycle can drive you crazy if you let it or you can negotiate your way to a stress-free work environment by using these great tips. Are you ready to learn how tried-and-true negotiation techniques can help you to feel better at work? First of all we are going to take a quick look at different types of stress and then let’s take a specific look at techniques that you can use to reduce stress at your workplace, no matter what type of job you’re working.

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Different Types of Stress

Dr Karl Albrecht has come up with the following four categories to define the different types of stress that people experience in their lives. They are as follows:

• Time Stress: This is stress that you feel about time, or lack thereof. Not having enough time to meet your deadlines, being late, things like that. At work, this could be a strict deadline for a big project when things start to get down to the wire.

• Anticipatory Stress: This is stress that results from a fear of the future. It might be a specific event or an overall vague and undefined dread when you think forward. At work, this could be stress and anxiety over an upcoming performance review.

• Situational Stress: This is stress that is brought on from a particular situation, generally when you don’t have control of the situation. At work, this can happen when you’re faced with something unexpected, an emergency or even a customer causing a scene.

• Encounter Stress: This one is related to people. If you worry about interacting with a certain person or group of people, you’re experiencing encounter stress. At work, this often happens when you have a difficult manager or boss, or coworkers that are tough to get along with.

Techniques to Reduce Workplace Stress through Negotiations

Stopwatch, Hustle And Bustle, Hours
Image Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

Negotiations can play a key role in improving many of the issues that may stress someone out while they are at work. After negotiating the different types of stress, it becomes easier to understand which are causing the most harm in your life and then to start working at eliminating the causes.

Make sure you have a little “you” time.

During your break, or at lunch, it can greatly help to reduce your stress levels if you go for a quick trip up and down the stairs to get some blood flowing, or a brisk walk around the block if you have time. Do a lot of people at your work smoke and get extra 5 or 10 minute breaks here and there? This may be a good opportunity to negotiate with your superior about allocating a bit of extra time for the non-smokers to get a break as well.

Does money stress you out?

Regardless of what you’re being paid for your work, if you feel that you aren’t being compensated fairly and that you’re bringing a lot more to the table than you’re being rewarded for – it’s time to consider one of the more common negotiations to take place between an employee and their boss which is asking for a pay raise.

What else stresses you out at work?

No matter what it is in particular that is causing you stress at work, you can beat it! Spend a day keeping track of what, exactly, is causing your stress. To really start to fix it, you need to understand the causes. A little bit of perspective and reflection goes a long away, especially when you’ve been stressing out about something for months.

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