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Real World Security Measures for Your Small Business

by Dan Radak (follow)
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Although today the entire business world is migrating online, real-world small businesses still represent a vital part of the global economy. However, they are often overlooked in the largest number of business security analyses. This is why we have decided to remind small business owners of some efficient ways to keep their premises safe from any unauthorized intrusion.


Let it glow
If your business or commercial property does not have proper lighting, it will be an easier target for thieves and other criminals. Therefore, every business owner should think hard and devise a functional plan for improving the level of lighting within their business premises, as well as in the outdoor area. Regarding the interior part, make sure that your cleaning staff always leaves the lobby lights on before they leave the company. Also, if your company building has several stories, the central lights should be left on throughout the night.
On the other hand, the outside area should be equipped with motion detector lighting, so that the potential thieves are easily revealed and frightened.

Let it tape
In addition to proper lights, modern business premises have to be equipped with a cutting-edge CCTV system. While it is true that videos made this way are usually beneficial only in the aftermath of a criminal offense, they can still serve as a practical preventive solution. Firstly, when theburglars see that the object is protected with cameras, their determination to break in will probably wane. Secondly, installing cameras can also increase the in-house security, since they will allow you to have an insight in your workers' behavior, as well. The British Government has issued a handy guide on business use of CCTV systems. You can have a look at it here.

Leave no device unsecured
While it goes without saying that the visual aspects of small business security are extremely important, every small business owner needs to face the fact that persistent and smart thieves will find a way to get into their premises. What every owner can do is to prepare a little surprise for them when they get inside. The end goals of every small business break-in are either equipment items or money. If you want to protect your workers and assets from daytime break-ins, it would be smart to consider visiting Genesis Anti Jump Barriers to improve security in your offices. In addition, you should lock your computers and laptops to the desks and bolt the desks to the floor. That way they will not be able to take them away, no matter when they break into the office.
Finally, if you keep any monetary assets inside your business premises, you need to choose a few well-hidden, high-quality safes.


Good old locked cabinets
Although it seemed that file cabinets were to become extinct, due to the introduction of paperless offices, today the situation is different. While it is true that most businesses working in different digital niches often use little or no paper – mostly because they outsource the majority of paper-related services, such as accounting –brick-and mortar enterprises still need file cabinets. So, if your business is such that you have to use these cabinets, go for the ones that have locks. Moreover, install high-quality locks that will slow down the thieves.

Keeping your business safe from different intruders is not easy, but thanks to some improved technological and organizational features, every business owner can improve their business security. As you can see, we have not mentioned any alarm systems, because today they are inevitable part of every business security plan. To conclude, business owners should invest in their business security to avoid financial and any other sort of damage in case of emergency and run their business as successfully as possible.

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