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Reasons Why You Should Still Use Offline Marketing

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Online marketing is increasingly becoming popular when compared to offline marketing methodologies. In fact, a lot of businesses have completely stopped using offline marketing to reach out to their potential customers and clients – save the use of business cards and maybe those occasional flyers. This is mainly because of misguiding and misapprehension. In this digital age are printed marketing material any good? There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about how online marketing is replacing offline marketing. Both online and offline marketing are both important to market your product or service. This is one of the main challenges many small business owners are facing – to strike a balance between the 2 types of marketing. There are benefits of using both offline and online marketing. Let us take a look at some of the ways one can bridge the gap and offline marketing still matters.

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There are something online can’t do

Guerrilla marketing works best when it is done offline. The Guerrilla marketing of online is also called “spamming”, which is not approved of by Google. If you are okay with getting a penalty from Google for spamming the crap out of the internet you can very well go ahead. However if you do it offline, you will get more exposure without much side effects. Some of the guerrilla marketing methods involve, leaving sticky notes, using posters, sticker bombing, distribute flyers to people, giving away branded gifts, etc. Most guerrilla marketing methods are pretty cheap and help connect one with the potential customers directly. Businesses are also using creative offline marketing methods like flash mobs which can go viral on the internet through social media channels like YouTube and Facebook.


Here you can find some online Guerrilla marketing ideas.

Brand searching

According to a study conducted by the search engine giant Google along with IPOSOS MediCT it was found that most of the branded keyword searches were influenced by offline marketing. A branded keyword search is when a user searches for a particular business. For instance, if you are looking for printing services in Sydney, and searching for the contact details or website of a company that you already know, using the brand name in Google, it is called a branded keyword search among online marketers and SEOs. If you own a local business and use offline marketing to create brand awareness, people will search for you on the internet for phone number when they are in need of a service of produce that you provide.

Attribution: ww.friendlyonlineservices.com

Tangible #hashtags and QR codes

Some hate them and some love them. They are more of a banality these days be it on a browser or in banners, posters, newspapers and a lot of printed material. The metadata tag # was popularized by social media giant Twitter and whenever one comes across a hashtag in a website or a banner they know it a twitter hashtag. Did you know that Orkut which is now resting in peace in Google’s cemetery is one of the early adopter of hashtags. In fact, Wikipedia started using hashtags to create jump links long before Twitter. However, Twitter is the one that took it to the next level. Facebook has also started using the metadata tag and you should be using them in your offline marketing material. In the real world people still go out and visit places. This is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing. You can also encourage your customers to use your own unique hashtag when they are discussing about your brand. This works wonders when you are hosting a real offline event where you offer price to people who post the best tweet or picture about the event.

It might seem like offline marketing is dead after the arrival of the internet. But traditional marketing methodologies and channels are still very effective and vital part of the marketing plan of many successful businesses.

You can also read interesting article written by Kate Maddox about small businesses spending more time and resources on social media.

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