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Risking the Start Up

by Hally Rhiannon-Nammu (follow)
Hally Rhiannon-Nammu Expert: Entrepreneur, Therapist, Author, Healer CreativeBalanceTherapy.com CreativeBalanceHealing.com SpirituallySexuallyYou.com
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So, you want to run your own business but you fear giving up that “perfect” job that keeps the bills paid but doesn’t really give any real satisfaction.

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The idea of giving something up is the first part. Secondly this thought moves and creates further distance of why having a business, or being self employed, is a good thing.

It comes back to the basic fundamental. Why is it wanted in the first place? Money? Freedom? Acknowledgment? Happiness? Or maybe it is D, all of the above.

In order to understand risk and the purpose of creating change, one must understand why this is important and what this will ultimately provide. Is it worth it, when all is said and done?

What is Risk

• Risk is going to a place where security is not guaranteed.

• The purpose of going to a place of risk is usually for a pay off that outweighs the extent of the risk.

• Risk allows for growth, moving out of the comfort zone and promotes flexible behaviour. It provides the basis to learn to be proactive in a changing environment.

What is risk? Is getting out of bed in the morning a risk? Is driving to work or going grocery shopping a risk?

In terms of life and death each movement or even lack of movement can put someone in line with mortality. This is a known fact and life cannot be lived fearing death at every corner as it would defeat the purpose of living.

The risk that is so blatantly feared is to live. The fear exists within due to how the culture has created a sense of conformity and alignment from a young age of social expectations. To step outside of this would mean to go against “the norm” and may potentially not be accepted by the majority.

Taking a step back and looking at this from the perspective of basic fundamentals, risk is driven into the mentality as being bad or unhealthy. Rarely the association is positive let alone liberating. This conversion of association must come from the individual and this alone is a risk.

When this risk is more defined in terms of business, career choices and so forth a multitude of reasons, better termed excuses, are created to remain within the confines and comfort of conformity.

When looking at taking the plunge into a start up it means stepping out of conformity to follow a seeming intangible concept. Whilst the initial action of risk is personal, it impacts directly on every aspect of the business, even from the point of inception. Hence, risk in business is not about walking upon a plank rather walking with a safety net; better termed calculated risk.

When assessing risk and the viability of proactive fulfillment it comes down to dotting I’s, crossing t’s and understanding why removing conformity provides for a much clearer vision.

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