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Sanitary Tips for a Germ-Free Workplace

by lilly (follow)
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Offices, especially shared ones, are among the most germ-friendly places. In order to reduce the number of sick leaves and improve the work quality, office managers have to set some clear hygienic rules. Let's have a look at some simple, yet efficient sanitary tips for germ-free offices.

Equipment cleaning
No matter if your workers switch their workstations or work from the same work station all the time, it is important to keep all the office equipment items clean. According to a recent study, an average office worker is exposed to millions of harmful microorganisms at their workplace. Therefore, every worker should sanitize their keyboard and mouse before they start their work day.

Firstly, they should use keyboard cleaning kits to clean those items. Secondly, they need to apply a proper keyboard sanitizer, to kill the germs and disinfect the keyboard and the mouse, as well as the desk. Finally, it is necessary to wash and sanitize your hands before you sit at your work station. Read more about proper computer equipment sanitation here.

Sanitation upon entrance
While it is extremely important that office workers clean their equipment regularly, it goes without saying that they should be sanitized the moment they enter the company premises, too. For instance, the office manager can ask the cleaning staff to install a sanitation station next to the main entrance. There should be sanitizing gels at this station, to make sure every worker gets into the company clean-handed.

What is more, some office managers even make their workers change their shoes at work, too. For instance, in Japan this feature is a part of regular office etiquette. If workers have a spare pair of shoes at work and they wear it only inside the company, the number of germs intruding form the outside is much lower.

Bottom-up cleaning
Aside from worker-directed sanitary rules, it is also important to introduce a strict cleaning schedule. Every office inside your company has to be cleaned after the work hours. Also, the lounge area, the conference room and the canteen require detailed cleaning after every break or any other activity, advise Sydney-based cleaners Urban Outsource. If the floor is clean from dust and dirt, germs do not have a fertile ground harbor and spawn.

Moreover, offices should be painted on a regular basis, too. Generally, every space used by more people requires regular wall painting, due to hygienic conditions. In addition, when walls are painted in accordance with some rules, they can increase the work productivity, too. Check out some feng shui ideas for a well-painted office.

Reduce scratching and touching
Office workers sit long hours in front of their computers, which is why a lot of them develop this extremely harmful bad habit – excessive face touching and scratching. No matter if it is mere eye rubbing or nose scratching, that habit contributes to germ infestation. But even if you are warned about that habit, it still does not mean that you will easily get rid of it.

Therefore, use a post-it note and write "Don't scratch your face". That note should be attached to your monitor or pinned to the bulletin board above the desk. Moreover, a tip for male workers: if you want to change this self-scratching behavior, keep your beard and hair short.

Work conditions in modern offices are already organized in accordance with highest security and health standards. Companies also use this leverage to attract workers to work for them. However, it is vital for every company to keep raising the bar, hygiene-wise, and ensure that their employees are always protected from all kinds of diseases. When the management shows how much they care for their workers, the workers will contribute even more to their common business goals.

All images courtesy of flickr.com/creativecommons

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