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Simple Ways To Improve The Manager-Employee Relationship

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Customers sustain all businesses. The principal obligation of every firm, organization or company should, therefore, be making clients happy by providing them with the services they need. But how can a company achieve this? Through good manager-employee relations because effective working relationships enable all the entities to benefit. When employees and managers work together, they leverage every potential skill in each of them, allowing them to work seamlessly towards one goal. This post looks at the top ways that can help improve relations between your employees and managers.

Excellent communication

Communication is paramount for any workforce. It is through good communication that both employees and supervisors understand each other and address almost all the issues in their organization accordingly. It also gives them a chance to interact more, thereby learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as discovering and improving individual skills. When it comes to sending emails, ensure that supervisors do not send essay-length messages to the junior employees. You can also ensure that communication is done face to face where necessary to reduce information distortion.

Open forums

All the managers and employees should communicate transparently regarding what is expected of them. In case a particular employee faces some problem related to their duties, they should be able to liaise with their managers rationally. You can hold open communication forums such as seminars, office luncheons or workshops regularly with all the team members on board. These forums should be two-way conversations to allow employees open up to their managers and address anything that could be bothering them efficiently. The managers will also get a clear insight of what each of the workers is looking for in your company.

Meaningful recognition

Set some clear expectations of your business benefits and perks. Make your teams aim high and achieve their objectives so that they can earn these benefits together. Remember that when a team attains a particular goal together, they all own their hard work regardless of their position in the organization. Albeit bonuses and pay increases come at the end of a year, you can change this norm by bringing them during the year instead. Reward the team that performs best to inspire others to work together as a team. Apart from that, you could offer them gift cards, throw them a party, offer free lunch or simply send each of them a congratulatory email.

Employee/manager empathy

Ensure that your supervisors discern the effect of their behaviour on your employees. When a manager treats employees in a respectful and appreciative manner, the employees will automatically reciprocate the same. And when they show confidence in the junior employees, they feel empowered and in the right place. On the other hand, the workers should understand that their bosses are also employees. They should know that managers face almost the same problems they do and that they may not have control over budgets, time, or even priorities.

Role specification

One of the common factors that trigger conflicts in the workplace is the misunderstanding of roles. Employees should have what their bosses expect from them at their fingertips. They should always be ready to appreciate and learn their manager’s goals and pressures so as to create a favourable manager-subordinate relationship. The managers should play the roles of a boss and a friend at the same time. They should be accessible, available, in touch with the problems that the employees are facing and not harsh or rude to them. This way, you can prevent conflicts and ensure that the business of your company runs smoothly.

Empowerment and dependability

Encouraging employees takes a lot of trust and time. Those employees who lack empowerment feel frustrated and are never focused. Encourage your supervisors on coming up with ways that can help them empower the subordinates. Managers should focus on the unique skills in each of the employees and try to empower them from there and convince them the value of the project they are working on. On the other hand, workers should build dependability, so as to motivate the managers. Subordinates should, therefore, try to live up to their words and improve with regards to the feedbacks they get from their managers.

The relations between your managers and employees are your human capital investment. They are the key to the success of your business. The above-highlighted tips will help you improve their relationship as well as their productivity.

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