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Skills You Need to Acquire to Keep Your Business on Top

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Coming up with a brilliant idea (in a sea of them) and choosing your team are merely the first steps of starting one’s business. Keeping up with the technology, being in charge of many departments and managing people in general are just a few of the challenges a businessperson has to encounter daily. And remember, while having a great idea is extremely rare, executing it is another headache in itself. Here is a list of several skills you could do with in order to tackle the modern world of business

1. Planning – Every successful entrepreneur knows the importance of having a plan, even those that got lucky without one. Ask any businessman/woman and they will tell you how important it is to make a plan and stick to it – extremely! Boiling down every risk, benefit, financial loss or gain to a list that fits a piece of paper can lighten the load of your soon-to-be-flourishing business.

2. Honesty – No matter what you’ve seen in the movies about the eat-or-be-eaten, survival of the fittest world of business, in real life, honesty is one of the keys of success. It is very difficult to be anything but, really, especially if you’re in charge of a team of people. Those that follow you, will do so even off a cliff, if you choose to always be open and truthful with them. Lies cause distortion and result in betrayal and backstabbing. If you want loyalty, be sure to display loyalty beforehand.

3. Managerial skills – being a good manager doesn’t only include being good with numbers and resources, but being great with every and any part of your business – from those mentioned already, all the way through the people management or something seemingly as insignificant as a special layout. One isn’t born with impeccable managerial skills, you train to be a manager your entire life, by communicating with people and thinking creatively and reasonably.

4. Sense of humor – I know, it sounds funny (pun not intended), but humor is crucial – it provides relief to those around you and shows them you’re not a machine, but a human being, just like them. Even if something dreadful was to happen, like losing a major client, funding, even if your hand is empty you can be sure that humor is always a loyal ace up the sleeve. Teach your team to laugh at their mistakes and realize the ridiculousness of being human. If you fill their workspace with humor, you’re providing them a place not only without dread, but one they soon will grow to love.

5. Public speaking – Great orators are great leaders – it has always been that way. From Julius Caesar, to this very day, knowing how to speak to crowds means knowing how to get the juices of inspiration flowing. Make sure you read books frequently, do not refrain from talking to yourself in the mirror, even writing down speeches. To be a leader, you need to be outgoing, strong and positive. However, even if you possess these qualities, speaking in front of large groups of people will still need some getting used to. So get informed, practice and don’t be shy!

Planning skills which to work on means more than simply figuring out a business plan. Without proper skills no business plan or company formation is going to work as intended. Create a personal portfolio of skills such as listed above and see your business flourish.

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