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Small Business Marketing in 3 Easy Steps

by marya (follow)
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From an outsiderís point of view, it can feel like marketing a business online is moving so quickly that itís hard to jump on board but the truth is that things havenít really changed that much. New players enter the game all the time, but the core fundamentals stay the same when it comes to marketing your small business and building a brand online. Even if your business has nothing to do with computers or the internet, itís still important to take advantage of the massive exposure thatís just sitting there waiting for you. Potential customers are looking for exactly what your business has to offer, will you be there to answer the call? Here are some great tips to keep in mind when youíre coming up with strategies to market your business.

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1.You Need Great Content, But What Makes Content Great?

If youíve read a few other articles, youíll already be aware that great content is absolutely essential but the disconnect here lies in the fact that people have different options on what makes content great, or how to define high-quality content. Some people think proper English and good grammar is all it takes for great content, and then if you throw in some keywords into the mix youíre all set. The truth is it takes more than that. Great content needs to be engaging, it needs to directly address exactly what the reader is looking for and to leave them with an actionable takeaway. The days of just writing content to appease search engines are in the past, you need to treat every piece of content on your site with the same care you would give to your most important sales letter. Now, that doesnít mean all of your articles should just be a big pitch. Provide value, engage your readers, and then finally offer a call to action at the end of the content and youíll be miles ahead of most of your competitors already.

2.More Than Words

Letís not forget that articles and the written word arenít the only way to deliver a message. Videos are another great tool. Itís harder to get a video produced than to write an article, but all types of media should be considered for your content strategy. Along with articles and videos, infographics can be another very useful tool. Some infographics are very well done and effective, while others just seem to be created so that the marketer can check them off of a list. If it doesnít make sense to create videos, or infographics, or anything else in your industry Ė donít waste your time! Hereís an example of a great video about how to promote your nonprofit foundation. What makes it great? It speaks directly to the people, gets straight to the point, and it is done by their partner Ė a famous footballer from the partnership football team, known locally and nationally. The video is clean, well-organized, and quick to skim through.

3.Donít Be Afraid To Be Good!

Is there a certain cause or charity that you could team up with and sponsor? Not only does this help create exposure for your small business, but it can also be a great networking opportunity, a great way to earn some goodwill in your community, and a chance to give back to those who are in need. On top of all that, youíll be able to write off your sponsorships and donations so the money will go further than it even ends up costing you. So, whatís there to be afraid of? Some small business owners are worried that their sponsorships or donations wonít seem genuine in the sense that it might look like theyíre just trying to promote themselves rather than to help a worthy cause. Frankly, thatís nonsense, and there are countless good reasons to do some good and thereís nothing wrong with benefiting from that!

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Final Thoughts

Of course, creating content and sponsoring something you care about isnít the only step. Once the content is there, youíve got to give it a head-start to get it in front of peopleís eyes. Press releases, networking with blog owners and social media are all effective ways to get the word out. You should also consider creating a mailing list and a separate list for existing customers, to ensure that youíre able to reach people after their initial visit. Many people will visit your site, never to returnÖ but you can reduce that by finding ways to keep them in the loop such as mailing lists, social media, contests and giveaways, and more.

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Yes it is the information that attracts visitor and any person find something interesting and useful for him/her he will surely come to you. But it should be very clear to visitor to which you are dealing to and what is the objective of the your business. Content is major source to define you and your business.
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