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Smart Company, Dumb Company, Smart People, Dumb People

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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I want to compare two countries in general terms. The first is the US. I genuinely believe that the United States has some of the smartest companies in the world. They have excellent systems and processes and when they do it right, they do it better than the companies in the world.

Just follow the system (Attribution: Pixabay - geralt)

Now as an Australian I would like to point out that Australia has some of the smartest workers in the world. In Australia companies rely on the ability of their staff more than any other country I know about.

Smart people have most of the smart ideas (Attribution: Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures)

So what is the problem? Well in the US they have some of the dumbest workers in the world. Now some people might get upset by me saying that, but many others will agree saying that it is the companies that try and force people into working dumb, not that the people are dumb. In the US they don't really like relying on the ability of their staff to solve problems, instead try to force them to stick to the system and follow the formula.

You will obey (Attribution: Pixabay - OpenClips)

In Australia it is the opposite. We have to rely on the ability of our staff because our companies are generally just plain dumb. So often in Australia I start a job and I am pretty much expected to start from scratch. Go train these students, don't expect the company to tell me anything about their background or ability, that is up to me to figure out and adapt to on the spot. Go meet with this client. nobody in the company is going to tell you the same information as the client because it is up to me to work that out when I arrive at the meeting. Develop a marketing strategy for the company, but they are not going to tell me anything about what has worked or not work for the company over the last ten years.

Countries that do it right have smart people working in smart companies. This should be your ideal. Run your company in a smart way but only do so much. Leave enough for your staff to work out for themselves so that they can do build on your already good work.

Yes, I have seen dumb companies that employ dumb staff. This generally amounts to no systems to achieve anything and lots of shouting to stop you trying to achieve anything.

Monkeys work well in a monkey business (Attribution: Pixabay - PublicDomainPictures)

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