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Team Building - Sailing Your Way to Business Excellence

by romeo (follow)
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Team building activities are inspiring problem-solving tasks designed with an aim to help team members build better relationships. With the modern day working environment populated with highly diversified blends of temperaments and personalities, team building has proved to the ultimate choice solution of fostering great camaraderie within a workforce.

team building
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Excellent working relationships in a work environment translate into an efficient workforce with the sole agenda of scaling the heights of business success. Though many team building activities are simple and engaging, complex tasks are often created to address a particular need of a given company. Of the many choices available, nothing builds cohesion and relationships than a sailing boat team building expedition.

Sailing boat excursions are an inspiring, thoughtful and unique opportunity to get your team members to work together whilst deriving the maximum satisfaction from the process. Replete with a lot of business parallels, efficiently sailing a boat is the hallmark of a finely tuned workforce. The exhilarating opportunity, to experience the world from the open sea, creates a carefree environment that opens up communications and melts away inhibitions. With no sailing boat experience required, teams are challenged to acquire new skills rapidly and to utilize them readily in order to earn the bragging rights of the day.

team building
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In order for the boat sailing expedition to run seamlessly, solid leadership, excellent teamwork, open communication and on-the-spot problem-solving skills must be diligently applied and utilized. The team must work together while adapting to rapidly changing situations - the wind speed and direction, and must readily accept the commands of the acting skipper in order to achieve a set object. Though the team is left to sail the boat, a seasoned and qualified pilot is always there to ensure their safety.

team building
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"Boat sailing is an extremely versatile team building activity that can be crafted in hundreds of way to cater to a company’s specific needs" - say the skippers from Charter Orvas , who already organized houndreds of team building flotillas in Europe. From the onset, the team must utilize newly acquired skills in order to sail the boat and efficiently work with all parties assigned to it. They have to relay and accept issued orders and readily adapt to rapidly changing conditions and act accordingly.

Further complicated tasks such as paddling races, treasure hunts, sailing regattas will test and enhance the endurance of the team in a carefree environment. This increases their ability to function at a high pressure, but fun environment, execute tasks simultaneously and achieve better results.

team building
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Away from all the fun and sun, planning an efficient sailing boat excursion is equivalent to developing a marketing strategy for your newest product line; without the confines of the office walls. This further brings to light the parallelism between businesses and a sailing expedition. Picking a sailing destination is equivalent to goal setting; planning a voyage enhances the project planning skills of your team. Choosing a boat and a crew constitutes staffing and selecting the right technology. Voyage provisioning and course charting involve resource planning and strategic planning respectively. Navigating the open waters call for strategic management and problem-solving abilities. Adapting to the various sea states reflects and enhances change management.

The camaraderie forged in this scenic and delectable environment will transmute into better working environment at the office, resulting in an excellent and efficient workforce championing the growth of your business. Team building activities like sailing a boat will undoubtedly sail your business to a greater height.

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