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Team Building

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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Everyone loves to work in a team but few people like team building activities. At work team building often feels artificial and not related to what happens in the business at all.

The Team
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So what can a Business Boss do to build a team atmosphere and encourage effective team work in the workplace.

Be a team player

If the boss is not a good team player, chances are no one they supervise will be comfortable being team players. If you want to build a great team then you also need to be a team player.

The Team
Bad bosses are not team players (image from pixabay)

The simplest way to do this is to assign projects to people and follow them when it comes to project participation.

Social Activities

It is funny how most companies have a farewell lunch for staff leaving but rarely have a welcome lunch for new staff.

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Build a team (image from pixabay)

You don't have to be too sophisticated about it, however just opportunities for staff to be social together, such as a regularly scheduled lunch once a week, either in the office or outside, can be a great way to build team work.

However remember that you have to be a team player and if as the boss you don't play nice with others the social activity will be wasted. I worked for a manager who would hold team lunches where he would grumble, insult people, stop staff discussing work and go off onto conversation tangents that ignored most people there. Oh, and when he was not there, these team lunches would be much more enjoyable and a lot more effective.

Team building should relate to work

I love using creativity as a team building activity. The reason is that it is about treating everyone equally, not allowing politics, power or personal feelings to stop staff from suggesting ideas. It is also about listening to staff and let the group make suggestions.

Your staff are full of great ideas (image from pixabay)

Also it should not be about something abstract but about solving real problems in the organisation. Alternatives that are often seen in tech companies are mini projects that the staff choose themselves.

Be positive and rewarding**

Once there is a feeling of negativity and fear in a group, the team will disintegrate. I see this often in training organisations (though I also see it in sales teams as well). In training there are always problems and someone is always unhappy. The trick to survive in training and teaching is not to be the best teacher, but only not be the worst. So why would you help any other teachers or share resources if you it could mean your job?

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Lead your team in a positive manner (image from pixabay)

**Understand and solve the contradictions in teams

An ideal team made up of people who are very different, with different skills and ideas. However there is a tendency for teams to move towards homogeneity where people with different views or skills are ostracized from the group.

The Team
Teams need differences to fit together (Image from pixabay)

Team leaders need to both encourage similarities and recognise the value of differences or chances are that the team will tend lose its diversity over time. Too often managers recruit staff with the same skills and backgrounds that they have.

Building teams can be difficult

Sometimes I have worked with great teams and I always want to just be part of the team making my contribution. I have seen team spirit destroyed equally by managers and staff.

The Team
Good teamwork is its own reward (image from pixabay)

You need to be proactive in building a team, supportive of efforts and vigilant of anything that destroys the team, both from staff and yourself.

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