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The Complete Guide To Writing Your Own Webcopy. Part I: Knowing the Basics

by BiancaMarieta (follow)
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Can you write your own webcopy if you are not a professional writer?

Learn how to write your webcopy

I say you can, and please allow me to explain. Writing webcopy that sells is not rocket science; all you need to do is follow some simple guidelines that will give you the result you aim for.

Today I am going to tell you a bit about the strategy that copywriters use when writing webcopy for their clients. You can consider this part as an introduction to the art of selling through webcopy.

To start with, there are 3 takeaway points of a good webcopy strategy:

Respect the 3 Golden Rules of writing webcopy
Use the right webcopy structure on every webpage
Learn to love the Right brain

Webcopy, Writing Tips
These are the 3 basic rules of writing webcopy

Now let’s take each of these points and develop more around them. By the time you finish reading this article you will know the basis of writing good webcopy. So let’s start:


These rules are as follows:

1. Your website is NOT an ad

Well, it is, but your website visitors don’t need to know that from the very beginning. This is why you have to pay attention to the kind of language you use on your website.

Being just a little bit too pushy will get you a penalty: promotional words and aggressive language scare people off. You don’t want to do this with first-time visitors. First-time visitors need to first get to know you, get a “feel” of how your business is like.

So, speaking of ads, your website should not look like one. You need to focus your attention on building the know-like-trust factor. Once people know, like and trust you, only then you can suggest they buy something from you.

2. Your goal is to capture email addresses

You’ll say I’m wrong. After all, you had this website built to increase your sales, grow your business, and bla and bla.


Your goal with your website is to build a relationship with your website visitors. The logic goes something like this:

Imagine you have just found my website. I am selling peaches on my website. You don’t need peaches right NOW, but you’re thinking you might want to eat one next week.

So I am not going to make a sale today. You will leave my website without buying anything, because you don’t need my products NOW. Plus, you have no idea who I am, if I am trustworthy, etc. You may never come back to my website again.

But you’re my prospect. Next week when you want to eat a peach, I want to be the one to bring it to you. I’m not going to just let you leave like that and never come back.

I have a tool that will help me try to convince you that I am trustworthy.

It is called an optin form, and it is backed up by an autoresponder series. If I manage to convince you to give me your name and email address, I have one week to convince you to buy from me. And that is already half way to sealing the deal.

See where I’m going with this? You don’t want to make a sale the first time someone accesses your website. Because they don’t trust you…

What you need to do is have an optin form on your home page and convince prospects to sign up for your newsletters. Once in their Inboxes, you can take the conversation a step further.

3. You need to guide readers on your website

By “guide” I mean take them where you want them to go, but make it seem like it was their decision to get there. And since we’re talking about webcopy that sells… you’ll need to obey the rules of webcopy structure.

More about this in the next section.


We’ll talk more about this in the next articles, but for now, keep in mind that:

Your webcopy should be airy, easy to read (use fonts that are easy to read)
Use bulletpoints and numbered lists
Avoid wordplays. A small side note here: wordplays are great, but when you’re trying to be crystal clear about your products, we have zero time for word puns and jokes.
Use bold and italics but by all means avoid using underline (underline can confuse people into thinking there’s a link attached)
Keep your paragraphs short and concise (3-4 rows max)
Write for the reader, with the reader in mind (focus on using “you” more often than you use “we” or “I”)


When writing webcopy, two things are important: that you present all the benefits of your products, and that those benefits resonate with the reader. And benefits don’t resonate without emotions being present… therefore:

In your copy, use words which define emotions; introduce these words at key points in your webcopy
Create a list of rational words and try to find their emotional synonym

To give you a helping hand, I wrote a list of rational and emotional words (rational words belong to the left brain hemisphere, while emotional words are said to work well with the right brain hemisphere, the one responsible with feelings).

To access this list click here

Thank you for reading! (This article’s illustration was created by Gyongyi Balogh Illustrations and used with her permission; if you like her work visit her at this link )

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