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The Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns to Learn From

by diana (follow)
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To be innovative and unique with your marketing campaign has become important more than ever nowadays. Sometimes, it seems like every trick and every idea has already been used, reused and recycled all over again. However, in the sea of marketing campaigns, some pretty much original and amazing people still manage to make something new and interesting. Here is a choice of the most innovative campaigns that can be used as inspiration for business owners everywhere.

The Blair Witch Project

If you have seen the movie, then you know how specific it is. For those who haven’t seen it, the movie seems to be a documentary about the legend of a witch and a couple of students who are looking to explore it. The end of the movie leaves the spectators feeling as if it was all real. That is exactly the way the campaign went also. The campaign was on YouTube and it left the feeling that all the events from the movie were real.

The Game of Thrones

This TV series has been a really big hit. Before the start of the third season, the dragon shadow started to appear everywhere. At first, the shadow of a dragon appeared on ads for the third season, only later to appear on other pages, in the background as well. As the campaign developed, the shadow could be seen on buildings and other city areas, as well. It has been very interesting and very successful.

The True Blood Drink

The HBO TV series True Blood is about vampires who live freely among humans. In order to help them survive on something other than human blood, a drink called True Blood was invented. However, in order to advertise the new series of the show, producers posted ads about the imaginary drink from the series, as well as posting different campaigns for equal rights of vampires. All these are details from the series and they speak directly to fans and spectators.

Coca Cola Sharing Can

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You can always rely on Coca Cola for an amazing marketing campaign. White polar bears and even Santa Clause are already something that you can easily associate with this brand. However, the latest marketing move are the Coca Cola cans that can be twisted into two cans and be shared. They are not yet available worldwide, and they are not in the stores, but can only be acquired in Cola’s “Happiness Truck”.

These are all amazing marketing campaigns that happened recently. Throughout the history of marketing, there have been much more campaigns that were a big success financially. However, bringing money and establishing the brand were not the only two things that campaigns like this achieved. Some of them, especially their slogans and logos, became very important, integral parts of modern, pop culture.

They have become a part of common knowledge of every modern man. Slogans like “Just do it!” Nike, or “Where’s the Beef?” Wendy’s have outgrown their marketing purpose and became catchphrases that every modern man knows about. However, new smart and amazing campaigns entertain us, they tend to be useful and sometimes, even charitable, and they still have the test of time ahead of them in order to reach the importance of these slogans and other well known campaigns.

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