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The office nightmare: Retrieving business data from crashed storage drives

by Goky (follow)
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Every modern company has to defend itself against two types of loss. The first one is the loss of traded goods and money, caused by a robbery etc. while the second one is the loss of data. In fact, living in the Information Age, when everyone can store huge amounts of information in a hard disk, protecting corporate data has become a top priority of global proportions.

Sensitive business data are kept, most of the times encrypted, in hard disks found in servers or regular computers.

crashed hard drive

source: quatrefoildata.net

But, what can be done in the unlikely but not impossible scenario in which the hard disk ceases to function? It is an incident that causes panic to almost everyone. However, there are a few actions one can perform that could return the hard disk to its original working status or, at least, allow the user to retrieve the desired data.

Connectivity check

Before analyzing this step, there is something that needs to be stated as clearly as possible. No one, under any circumstance, should try to access or check, in any way, the hardware parts of a server. It is very easy to cause damage that may even be irreparable. The only people that should handle this type of equipment are the certified computer technicians that installed the server.

Checking the connectivity of a hard drive in a computer, on the other hand, is really easy. All you need to do is check whether the two cables plugged in the hard disk drive are properly connected to their respective sockets. One should connect the drive to the computer’s power supply unit (PSU) while the other one is used to enable the communication between the drive and the motherboard. Making sure that they are connected correctly or even trying to replace the cables could be the solution.

Using the diagnostic utilities

Every decent hard disk manufacturer provides a small number of applications that can be used to check the device for errors and, if possible, fix them. They can be found stored in one of the disk’s folders but the user can also download them from the manufacturer’s website support section.

crashed hard drive

source: howtogeek.com

Virus scan

There are times when a sudden decrease in the disk’s overall performance is caused by a virus infection. Running a virus scan with an updated antivirus is the way to remove this annoying threat.

Disk defragmentation

This is a procedure known to almost every computer user since Windows include a utility of this kind. Low transferring rates and increased access times can occur when a hard disk hasn’t been defragmented for an extended period of time. Completing a disk defragmentation can improve the overall performance of not only the hard drive, but the computer in general.

Data recovery software

In case none of the above four steps managed to bring your hard drive back to “life”, the final option is to use a data recovery program, in an effort to gain access to the data. There are many different applications suitable for this operation, some of which are free. They are very simple to operate, so they are really worth trying.

data loss diagram

source: mswhs.com

If all else fails, it is probably time to hand over the issue to data recovery specialists in your vicinity. These people are trained and experienced to specifically handle this type of problems and they are guaranteed to offer you the best possible solution.

The only way to avoid this type of events is creating back ups on a regular basis. The frequency of the back up creations solely depends on the amount of data generated daily by the company's computers.

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