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Tips to Make Your Next Corporate Event a Success

by bob.g (follow)
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Corporate event planning can seem overwhelming, and it may seem like it requires all of your efforts to simply cover the bases. However, you want your event to stand out from the many others that your guests will attend this year. The event ideally will make a big impact on your guests, and this means that it will be memorable and will ultimately be successful for your company. These helpful tips can help you to make your next event a successful one.

Think About Sponsors Early in the Process

One of the primary reasons that sponsorships are offered for corporate events is to raise money to host the event. Contracting sponsors early on the event planning process gives you access to more funds up-front, and these funds can help you to better plan for your event. More than that, make your sponsors feel special by offering them special perks, great placement for banners, their own booth or something else that makes their sponsorship worthwhile.

Choose the Venue Carefully

The venue that you choose can truly set the tone of the event, so it is important to choose it carefully. For example, the place that offers smaller and larger event spaces for small corporate meetings, large banquets, trade shows and more. Most venues can be beautifully decorated to represent the theme or ambiance of the event and to reflect the spirit of your company. However, the size of the space, the layout and the general ambiance should all be considered carefully before you finalize your plans.

Create a Fun Experience for All

A corporate event does not have to be stodgy and stiff. This is a professional gathering, but it also has a social and networking aspect to it. Speeches and presentations can be infused with educational content, humorous tidbits and other fun elements. There can be fun features, such as photo booths or roaming entertainers to liven up the event and to make guests feel more comfortable. Plan fun experiences throughout the venue as well as special events or activities in timed intervals throughout the event's scheduled hours to ensure that the good times continue from start to finish and to encourage attendance for a longer period of time.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is used for professional purposes in many ways, and you can put it to use throughout your event planning efforts and even during and after the event. Before the event, use social media to position your event as the top corporate event of the season to attend. Market it thoroughly, and encourage attendance and registration. On the day of the event, use social media to create teasers as well as to showcase highlights of the event. After the event, spend a day or two recapping some of the festivities, again positioning the event as the one to attend. This is especially important if you plan to host a similar event next year.

Offer Parting Gifts

When you want your guests to remember your event, it is important to give them something to remember it by. The parting gifts should ideally be promotional in some way, but they should also should have some value, worth or functional benefit to the attendees who will receive them. The last thing you want is for your parting gifts to end up stuffed away in a drawer or thrown in the trash can.

There are numerous steps that you need to take to properly plan for your event. However, beyond the basics steps, these are important tips that you can follow to promote a successful, memorable event that will be enjoyed by all who attend.

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