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Top Trends That Will Drive Your Business in 2016

by chloe (follow)
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Similar to Game of Thrones, when you play the game of modern business, you either win or you disappear. Now, the latter you cannot allow to happen so you need to give it your best to stay competitive. Seeing how the world of business is quite volatile, the only way to do so is to follow some of the latest trends of the industry. With this in mind, here are some of top trends that will drive your business in 2016.

Going easy on the apps

Now, in the early 21st century, it is expected of any reputable business to have an application of their own. Unlike in the past where apps were born out of necessity, today the main reason behind making an app is usually that you simply must have an application. Unfortunately, apps made this way are often inadequate in many fields and since they are often rushed, they are full of bugs and glitches. Because of this, the best course of action here would be not to be guided by corporate stereotypes and public opinion and make your app when you feel you need it. Sometimes, it is better (not to mention less expensive) to just optimize your website for mobile users than to make an app you don’t need.

Efficient workplace

Some argue that the modern office is migrating more and more online and towards home businesses, yet you don’t see any major conglomerates relinquishing this way of doing business. In fact, they grow more and more interested in the question of office ergonomics and ways in which this may help them make a more efficient workplace. Everything from seating order, choice of storage solution to installation of commercial windows, can make all the difference when it comes to productivity of your staff. Try to do some research to find out what is it that makes your employees tick and you will be well on your way to create a truly work friendly office environment.

Cloud and cyber security

Everyone in business world must be aware of the importance of cloud services. Now, seeing how this means that tons of invaluable classified data will migrate to cloud as well, the issue of cyber security will become ever more important. In fact, this will become so crucial that it will deserve a large portion of your business’ budget to be assigned to it. Although some would like to solve this problem by hiring an in-house cyber security team, outsourcing is still the most obvious choice.

More available analytic tools

Probably the single greatest advantage of doing business online is that analytics is so much simpler. Tracking movement of your clients and potential clients is no longer mission impossible, since there are so many incredible software that do this for you. After this is done, all you have to do is entrust this data to your business intelligence software of choice and get valid information on which you can act. The best thing about this is that, while something similar was also present in the past it was mostly available to major corporations. In 2016, this kind of practice will be mostly used by startups and SMB (small and medium businesses).

New payment methods

Finally, the existence of various payment gateways will increase the competitiveness in this area, which will in turn result in optimal service. When it comes to quality service, one gateway monopolizing the market is as bad as it gets. Now this being said, we are about to enter Golden Age of online payment methods. Unfortunately, sometimes having too many options can be as troublesome as not having enough, which is why you need to consider which payment method suits you best.

Staying up-to-date is of key significance regardless of what industry you are in. So, what you need to do is follow latest trends in the world of business and be ready to adapt to new ideas. By doing this, you will stay in the game and watch your business thrive and prosper where all others fail. Truly a notion that is nearly impossible to top.

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