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Why Investing in Employee Morale is a Smart Idea

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Business owners and managers are often challenged by tight budgets and tough competition. You may be focused on bolstering marketing efforts, enhancing your product line and finding better ways to serve your customers. With so much emphasis placed on these and other areas, it is easy to overlook the importance of your team and prioritizing team building and training in your budget. The level of job satisfaction and overall feeling of happiness on the job can impact your business in many ways. With a closer look, you will see why you need to make investing in employee morale a top priority.

Great Customer Service
Most people have been in a situation where they have received poor customer service in a store, in a restaurant or even over the phone. An employee's bad mood can give customers a negative impression of the business as a whole, and this is because that employee may be the only person or one of a only a few people in the establishment they interact with. This type of attitude from staff members can make customers feel unappreciated and unwelcome, and it can make the customer think twice before patronizing the business again.

Employee Retention
When one employee is in a bad mood, it can impact morale throughout the business. People generally do not want to spend long hours every day working in a place that has negative energy or open hostility. Some human resources professionals will conduct a personality test up-front before hiring people to ensure that they have a positive attitude, and this is a testament to how important attitude can be to overall morale in the facility. Keep in mind that it is easier to retain the right team when they are satisfied with their job and enjoy going to work every day.

A Team Atmosphere
Many businesses strive to create a team atmosphere, and they may actively invest in team development and training. However, when even a single employee is unhappy at work, the team spirit can easily fall to the wayside. If you identify an employee who is disgruntled in some way, you may consider different steps that you can take to promote employee engagement and to help that individual be heard. There may not always be a solution to every issue your employees have, but they can regain positive energy and happiness on the job with the simple knowledge that they are valued and that their opinions are heard.

Employee happiness and overall morale can affect your customers as well as your other employees. Even a single employee who is in a bad mood can have a trickle effect on others. It may not be possible for employees to be happy every single work day, but there are steps that you can take to foster a happy, positive environment in the workplace. Investing in team development, choosing the right team members who have a positive outlook on life and listening to grievances that arise can go a long way toward promoting positivity in your workplace. These efforts on your part can lead to happier employees who are more willing to work as a team and who are excited to serve your customers with a smile.

This article was written by a professional contact of mine, Andrea Jacobs.

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