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Why Setting up Email Automation Makes a Smart Move for Your Business

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If you are a business owner or a marketer, imagine just for one second what it would be like without internet and digital marketing space? Exhausting and terrifying, right? Now thank internet for moving beyond advertising on print, radio and TV.

With prevalence of technology use and progress of marketing strategies even the small businesses can now reach people at ease. One of the smartest moves when it comes to email marketing strategies is to setup automated email campaigns.

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What makes automated emails better than the regular newsletters and one-off campaigns?

Mainly, today’s customers expectations, and they’re set up high. Thank internet for this one too. They are aware that companies are collecting enormous amounts of customer data, so they expect a full customer experience in return. Driven by research and empowered with information they are crafting new paths in the marketing strategies landscape. As much as it makes business environment more competitive, it also offers more options for efficient solutions where the core element is personalized data-driven marketing. Any great marketer is aware of these changes, but the greatest know how to take advantage of them.

As a part of marketing automation strategy, automated emails provide customers with hyper-relative and personalized content, which results with customers actually clicking and opening them more frequently. This will drive more traffic and probably more income for your game.

With personalized emails you increase your chances of gaining and keeping customers trust, which plays a major role in their overall engagement with the brand.

The concept of building and nurturing a strong relationship with customers isn’t something new, you’ve heard it from CMO’s a million times: “We are committed to putting our customers first” or “It’s all about our customers”, except it’s something they’re actually not doing or just haven’t been doing a great job at.

Moreover, email automation also isn’t new but it sure is growing more than ever, and it’s no longer reserved for larger companies. It’s considered a must for any business aiming to stay in the game, so smaller and mid-sized businesses shouldn’t shy away from it but rather embrace it boldly to grow their revenues.

How does it work?

Email automation works on a trigger- action system: specific email (or set of emails) is being sent when a specific trigger happens. The rest is up to your business needs and creativity.
It’s a real time saver
Manually creating and sending email campaigns to every signed up customer would be a huge waste of time especially if that list is growing. Instead it’s easier to set up welcome mail email once and let it automate marketing for your business every time a customer meets the trigger you defined. So, by saving you time on email campaigns it gives you space to focus on campaigns across other channels such as Twitter or Facebook.

Make positive first impressions with welcoming emails

First, make sure to add an email subscribe box to your brand’s website, since customers emails are units of value here. Given that majority of visitors to your website have shown some serious interest in your brand they are certainly worth communicating with. This is an opportunity for compelling welcome mail with, for example, subscriber-only proposal.

Use it to draw feedback

You can’t build and improve your products if you don’t listen and understand the needs of your customers. What better way for gaining such insights than asking them directly? Creating an automated email campaign and asking people to reply with their feedback.

Collecting large feedback, helps you grow your business since you know what attracts them to your brand, and what needs to be improved, in other words - it provides you with an ability to adapt faster to your existing and potential customers. You also get the clear picture of how much the content you’re sharing is worth reading, as well as how much loyalty your brand gains from your customer list.

Encourage actions and nurture existing relationships

Overall experience of emails you send to your customers reflects your business, so it’s in your best interest to work on their quality and design to meet the expectations of today’s attention-sensitive customers. Email automation tools have a great set of functions including personalized email templates that can help you nurture your leads and delight your customers when:
informing them of product upgrades, expirations, events,
sending them reminders,
promoting events
promoting new blog posts
making surprise offers for customers birthday.

And of course to professionally complete all of this.

How to choose the right solution?

Since email remains one of the most important channels for reaching your market make sure you’re using it right. Choose the solution that best matches your business.

Start by figuring out who and how big is your audience, and how much your business is growing. This will help your decision when it comes to pricing as well, since it is mostly based on number of contacts and messages you aim to send in a month.
The list is long from Litmus, Zoho, Target Hero and Get Response to most popular MailChimp and Constant Contact.


When done right, combining email, with superb website and pleasing customer experience, makes a solid base for your digital marketing campaign. Your subscribers are the people who have clearly shown interest in hearing what you have to say or offer, hence emails, are powerful at driving customer engagement. Remaining consistent at delivering unique and targeted content is a big deal for your business, and embracing automated email campaigns can maximize your results.

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