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Your Emergency Strategy For Coming Up With Constant Ideas For Content

by BiancaMarieta (follow)
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**What is online marketers’ secret source of content ideas? How come they always have so many ideas for content?

You sometimes feel drained of content ideas. You’re at a loss and can’t figure out how others are always coming up with new topics. You’d like to know how their content strategy looks like, wouldn’t you?

So if you ever find yourself out of ideas for content, use these 5 tips as your emergency kit. They are the 5 things you need to change in your online marketing strategy ASAP if you want to never run dry of content ideas:

1. Define your goals
You may have heard that content marketing is the future of online marketing. Relevant, high quality content is appreciated by people, and it is one of the main things which convince a website visitor to become a buyer.

Therefore, if your business is online, you should have adopted content marketing in you online strategy long time ago. A good place to publish your content is on your website’s Blog, or in the News section.

But don’t forget your goal when blogging: you want to establish yourself as the leader of your niche.

When people perceive you as an expert of your industry, it means you have gained their trust. So you are not on top of their mind when they need the kind of services or products that you are offering.

Remember: your goal is to become the leader of your niche.

2. List your topics one week in advance
When speaking about the perfect strategy for not running out of content ideas, one of the top things that spur to mind is thinking in advance.

There is no such thing as on-the-spot strategy. So when it comes to creating web content, take some time to think about the things you want to write about.

Coming up with ideas for content is easy when you have a well-defined strategy

You need to be extremely organized with your writing.

Schedule your posts: once a week, twice a week, three times a week. If you don’t think you can keep up with publishing 3 pieces of content a week, start with only one.

Once you know how many pieces of content you want to publish each week you will know exactly how many topic ideas you have to come up with.

The next step is to create a list of these topics. Write them in a table if it helps you: date, time, topic. You can also create a brief sketch of each of the topics, so when you’re writing them you know what you need to write about.

The best part about this step is that you only have to spend some minutes at the beginning of each month to figure out what that month will be all about on your blog.

3. Follow your industry experts
The already established experts of your niche are always full of content ideas. But you can overcome them with this little trick that I am about to let you in on…

First, sign up for these people’s email newsletters and follow them on their social media profiles.

Second, read their old blog posts. You may notice that a lot of these posts start with a number. For example, “8 Ways To…”, or “Top 3 Things Which…”, and so on.

You can repurpose that content and make it better on your blog. If it has a Top 4 Things, you can make it Top 10. If they have 7 Ways To… you can write about 12 Ways To…

You’re not stealing their ideas, you are making them better. Your articles will be more complete and more elaborate than theirs, and you will be perceived as the “better expert”.

4. Use Google News
If you are only getting started with writing online, you may not know who the online experts are. A good way of getting to know them is by using Google News or another news aggregator.

Search for the keywords that you are interested in and you will gain access to the latest news and articles on that topic.

5. Re-use old content
There is always the risk of running out of content ideas. You also run the risk of the experts not writing on things you are interested about. Sometimes Google News will not give you any alternatives.

Sometimes there are no fresh news you can create content on.

Don’t worry, there is one resource that will never end, and that is your own blog. Content marketing is a great escape: if you have an evergreen article (an article whose topic never grows old, such as “How To” articles) you can re-create that old article in another form.

So, for example, let’s say you wrote a TEXT blog post; you can now recycle it and share it in another form:
An audio file
A video presentation
A mindmap
An infographic

Can you see your options are endless?
So don’t despair, the chances of you getting out of content ideas are very low. Where there is a will, there is a way, and you already have 5 ways of making sure that you won’t use all your ideas for content in a single article.

(This article’s illustration was created by Gyongyi Balogh Illustrations and used with her permission; if you like her work visit her at this link )


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